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Because being a BCBA is more than just a job

Welcome to Coffee + Cooper, a place for current BCBAs and those hoping to become BCBAs.

Coffee + Cooper is meant to inspire you and guide you through your BCBA lifestyle, because, as you've probably realized by now, being a BCBA is more than just a job.

Coffee + Cooper is a place for BCBAs to come to discover ways to make their lives easier. From recipes that can withstand long days in a car driving from client to client, to organization tips for your home office, Coffee + Cooper is here to help! You'll find resources to help you study, data sheets, graphs and other work supplies, and even a blog where we share some insights in to being a BCBA. 

We've also launched Balanced Behavior Analyst to continue the conversation on work-life balance!

Cherry Popsicles


AUGUST 7TH, 2019

The Summer is already winding down even though it feels like it just began!  Did you accomplish everything you had planned for the summer?  Did you make it to the beach at least once?  Here are some Coffee + Cooper tips for taking advantage of these last weeks of Summer:

CALL IN SICK: Don't tell your boss we said this, but take a summer sick day and head to the beach (or the lake or a pool)!  You have a long Fall ahead of you and it's important to recharge.  Plus - you don't have much longer to catch that summer sun. 

WEEKEND GETAWAY: Most of us have a fun weekend getaway spot no more than a two-hour drive away.  That's less time than you spend driving between clients all day!  Pack your bag, grab a friend, and run away for the weekend!

SUMMER BBQ:  Light up the grill and slice up some watermelon before it's too cold for one of our favorite summer past times - a BBQ!

ROOFTOP DRINKS: It's only a matter of time before the sun starts setting early again.  Take advantage of those extra hours of daylight and head to a rooftop bar for some margaritas before the summer ends!

BACK TO SCHOOL SALES: This recommendation is for our more practical BCBAs.  Make sure you hit up those Summer Back-To-School sales to gear up for the Fall!  Target's dollar section is a BCBA's dream right now!

We hope you had a fun summer!  Check back soon for some Fall tips.


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