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Appy Holidays

There are some years in the world of ABA that stand out:

1957, 1968 ... 2010

2010? Yes. In 2010, the iPad was released and in-home ABA entered a new era. With the introduction of the iPad came an influx of games, educational apps, and movies that were immediately accessible via the iPad. No more mini DVD player propped up on the DTT table. No more logging in to the computer to play your favorite game. All of a sudden, everything was literally at your fingertips. While this created a segment of BCBAs that are iPad dependent (a post for another time), it also created a segment of BCBAs that can list out hundreds of apps to teach skills, provide reinforcement, assist with scheduling, and even collect data. So, without further delay, here are a couple of our all-time favorite apps for ABA:

Conversation Builder is a fantastic app for kids that need some practice with social skills but aren't quite ready for the fast pace of a live conversation. They've even added a teen version!

Behavior BreakThroughs is a great training app for behavior technicians. It features a child throwing a tantrum (with a Skinner poster on the wall) and walks through different options of ignoring, providing candy, or reprimanding.

Reading Comprehension (Level 1 Passages) is a lengthy name for a fantastic reading comprehension program. After each passage, the child is required to answer 3-4 multiple choice questions. If he or she achieves 100% success, a dancing monkey pops on the screen.

Talking Tom is a great app for working on increasing language. There are several spinoffs (Talking Santa, Talking Ben) that you can download as well.

Preference & Reinforcer Assessment is exactly what it sounds like! It allows you to input the items you'll be using for a preference assessment and then sets up randomized trials and graphs the results at the end. Much easier than those spreadsheets we've all been using

Choiceworks is a great visual schedule app to utilize during ABA sessions or train parents to use when the ABA team isn't present.

ABA Flashcards & Games (Emotions) has great pictures to utilize during a tact or receptive emotions programs. Rather than printing out stacks of different emotions, you can swipe through the premade sets they have.

Have some favorites that you'd like to share? Comment below!

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